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Responsive Web Design podcast: Variable Fonts

My col­league Tim Brown and I joined Ethan Mar­cotte on the Re­spon­sive Web De­sign pod­cast to talk about vari­able fonts. We talked about what vari­able fonts are, and how they will af­fect re­spon­sive de­sign and web per­for­mance.

Variable Fonts on the Responsive Web Design podcast
Responsive Web Design Podcast 116: Variable Fonts

You can lis­ten to the pod­cast, or read the tran­script.

The Science of Typography

This is a weird talk. You’ve prob­a­bly all seen au­to­mated “de­sign” soft­ware and al­go­rithms come and go. They promise the sky but of­ten re­strict you and pro­duce bland and generic re­sults. Should you not use such soft­ware at all? What if there are tools that analyse and guide you to cre­ate bet­ter de­signs? This talk will ex­plore ty­po­graphic analy­sis and what we as de­sign­ers can learn from math and com­puter sci­ence.

The Science of Typography opening slide
Slides from “The Science of Typography”

I gave this talk at the fol­low­ing con­fer­ences:

Web Fonts Performance

Web fonts are great. They are also be re­ally bad for front-end per­for­mance be­cause they block ren­der­ing. You may have ex­pe­ri­enced this on a slow cel­lu­lar net­work. Star­ing at a blank page is no fun, es­pe­cially when the con­tent has al­ready loaded.

This talk ex­plores why browsers have placed fonts on the crit­i­cal path, and how we can work around this while still de­liv­er­ing a good user ex­pe­ri­ence. It also takes a look at what the fu­ture will bring to web font per­for­mance: pre­load­ing hints, the font-dis­play prop­erty, and HTTP/2.

Web Fonts Performance opening slide
Slides from “Web Fonts Performance”

I gave this talk at the fol­low­ing con­fer­ences:

The Consequences of Web Fonts

In the last few years the num­ber of sites us­ing web fonts has soared. Un­for­tu­nately the de­fault be­hav­iour of most browsers is to hide text while down­load­ing fonts. This talk ex­plores how to em­brace the Flash Of Un­styled Text (FOUT) and avoid the dev­as­tat­ing ef­fects of the Flash Of In­vis­i­ble Text (FOIT).

The Consequences of Web Fonts opening slide
Slides from “The Consequences of Web Fonts”

I gave this talk at UX Mu­nich 2015 in Mu­nich, Ger­many.

The State of Web Type

In this talk I ex­plore ad­vanced web ty­pog­ra­phy us­ing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript poly­fills. It dives deep into the cur­rent state of browser sup­port for kern­ing, hy­phen­ation, jus­ti­fi­ca­tion, and Open­Type fea­tures. The talk pro­vides an overview of new ty­po­graphic CSS fea­tures, how to use them, and when to ex­pect them.

The State of Web Type title slide
Slides from “The State of Web Type”

I gave this talk at the fol­low­ing con­fer­ences:

This talk re­sulted in the cre­ation of the State Of Web Type.

Type Rendering

What is in a web font? Find out how it af­fects type ren­der­ing on dif­fer­ent browsers and plat­forms, and how you can use that knowl­edge to choose ap­pro­pri­ate type­faces.

Type Rendering title slide
Slides from “Type Rendering”

I gave this talk at the Lat55 meetup, in Malmö, Swe­den.